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Welcome to ASAP Home Detention

ASAP accepts violent & non-violent offenders!

Home Detention Best Option

Recently Parade Magazine ran an article by Senator Jim Webb entitled "Why We Must Change Our Prisons." This piece focused on the problems of the United States' prison system. Specifically, it questions why the US with only 5% of the world's population, has 25% of the world's incarcerated population. More importantly, the article concludes that too many people being locked up do not belong in jail. Many offenders of non-violent crimes are incarcerated while dangerous gang members are on the streets. ASAP, Inc. believes that home detention is a much more suitable option for non-violent criminals. Housing fewer passive criminals alleviates violent offenders being released early due to overcrowding. Furthermore, an offender on home detention pays their own fees, allowing tax dollars to go to better use.

Once again ASAP, Inc. is bringing new options to the legal communities in Maryland and surrounding states. Since 1994, ASAP has given judges, attorneys, probation officers, and offenders an alternative to incarceration with the use of home monitoring equipment. Now, in addition to home monitoring, the company is offering alcohol/drug monitoring, GPS equipment, and in office urinalysis as well. ASAP now offers the court system the most comprehensive and latest technology for monitoring offenders.

In 1994, Advantage Sentencing Alternative Program, Inc. was founded and based in Baltimore County, and today, is headquartered in Towson. ASAP monitors offenders living primarily in Maryland and surrounding states, however, they have the capabilities to monitor offenders nationwide. Currently, ASAP is also successfully monitoring a few offenders in West Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and California.

ASAP can monitor without a home phone line except for SCRAM alcohol monitoring.

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